The Rezi Resume of Bucky Badger

From the year 1940, Bucky, the “W” adorned badger, has grown into an iconic mascot with a voracious appetite for leading stadium-shaking chants and fortuitous campus appearances.

But did you know Bucky is one of the few college mascots in the Mascot Hall of Fame? Or that, “Bucky” is just a nickname – and the full name is actually Buckingham U. Badger?

So how do we think Bucky got into the Mascot Hall of Fame, think he submitted a resume? Of course not! But… if he did… what would it look like?

Does Bucky Badger Have a Better Resume Than You?

Writing a resume is hard. So Rezi has partnered with The University of Wisconsin Madison to help students, professionals, and global job seekers build a resume to pass hiring systems quickly and easily.

Make Your Resume Free

Joke aside - This is technically a perfect resume. Here is why:

Resume is exactly one page.

People often feel that a one-page resume is worth less than a two-page but this is definitely not true. It is much better for a student to have a good, strong one-page resume than a two-page one that is padded out with unnecessary information. You should always be aiming to exclude irrelevant information which may detract from other more important points.

Often a resume which has been spread out over two pages can, with a little careful tweaking, be made to fit onto one page – and this tends to have greater impact.

Content contains tailored keywords from a targeted job description.

Error-prone applicant tracking systems kill 75 percent of job seekers' chances of landing a job as soon as they submit their resumes.

In fact, 62 percent of companies using applicant tracking systems admit “some qualified candidates are likely being automatically filtered out of the vetting process by mistake,” according to a 2019 survey.

So if you want to make it past the ATS, you’ll need to include those important keywords on your resume.

The Rezi AI Keyword Optimization feature makes this easy. Just copy the job you found online, and the ATS results will show what precisely you need to include in your resume to tailor it for that position. You will also always know how well your resume matches the job requirements simultaneously while you're editing your resume. It's just like an ATS for your personal use.