“How do you plan to scale Rezi?”

- Asked the simple investor


  • Rezi Score: Passively measures resume completeness to encourage better resumes.
  • Review My Resume: Lowers price of a Rezi Resume Review by 83% by removing all time-consuming frictions in the review process.

That is one of the most commonly asked questions when we share Rezi with investors (currently raising seed round). To me, the question makes sense, I can understand the concern. And, after all, a resume’s quality is arguably one of the most important indexes we must control.

Tackling resume quality at scale presents an interesting challenge that we must always consider. However, we’ve introduced two new features that actively and passively result in a better resume for the user.

Before explaining the new features, let’s take a look at what Rezi does well now: Rezi is a resume generator with exactly one format; the Rezi Standard Resume Format.

The Rezi Standard Resume Format is quite perfect in terms of what a resume should be for any large company that uses an applicant tracking systems (ATS) (virtually every company does btw). ATS manage the application process from the company side. They do a great job removing logistical frictions in the hiring process such as searching for resumes that are suitable to be interviewed.

These systems search resume content for keywords such as job titles or skills that indicate a potential match for the job description.

The Rezi Standard Resume Format focuses on optimizing page usage so the job seeker can add as much content to the resume without sacrificing accessibility of the content. Pretty cool if you ask me.

While making a resume, Rezi guides users step-by-step while prompting information needed for the specific section:

In my opinion, Rezi is the most powerful resume software for serious job seekers. But it’s not perfect, users typically fall into one of two categories; those who add too much content, or those who add too little content. Contrastingly, it is best practice for most job seekers to have a single-page resume.

Introducing the Rezi Score

The Rezi Score is a measure of completeness for each resume in a user’s dashboard.

Simply put, the Rezi Score considers the amount of resume content, compares it to a target, and translates the difference into an index measured from 1 to 100.

A score from 90 to 100 means the resume is well constructed and is ready for a review. A score greater than 100 means the resume is too long and will break into a second page. A score less than 90 indicates more content should be added to the resume to reach the end of the first page.

As I explained above, the Rezi Score is a measure of completeness, however we are working towards a smarter scoring system that considers the following parameters.

  • Formatting specifics such as bullet points, spacing, and inconsistencies.
  • Content specifics such as adding metrics to speak to accomplishments and relevant keywords for the job position the resume will be used for.
  • Syntax specifics such as grammar, typos, or other related writing errors.

Despite the early promise we’ve seen with the Rezi Score, it is not a perfect measure of a resume’s quality. And what about this question; does it give the user a complete sense of confidence? To answer this question, we’ve spent the past few weeks surveying our most active users (about 300 of them) to find out which features they’d like to see added to Rezi.

Admittedly, I was surprised to see that users still preferred a human touch rather than the nth scoring-based solution. We learned that users want the confidence that comes from a Rezi Expert editing their resume directly.

Introducing “Review My Resume”

This week, we’ve introduced the “Review My Resume” feature on the app which allows a job seeker to seamlessly review a resume after completion, all within the Rezi ecosystem. All the user has to do is indicate which resume they need to be reviewed, and how fast the review is needed.

We can finally say goodbye to endless email chains and attachments as the review communication happens with the application.

In the past, reformatting the resume is by far the most time-consuming step while reviewing a resume. However, considering using Rezi results in a perfectly, or nearly perfectly, formatted resume every time — we’ve been able to pass the time saving on to the user.

Before this feature, the lowest price of a Rezi Resume Review was $49 with delivery of 3 weeks.

Now, the lowest price is just $8 with a delivery of 5 days.

We’ve just recently released both features so many improvements are to be anticipated.


  • Rezi Score: Passively measures resume completeness to encourage better resumes.
  • Review My Resume: Lowers price of a Rezi Resume Review by 83% by removing all time-consuming frictions in the review process.

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