The Stupid-Simple Resume Rubric

Ever wonder how well you’ve written your resume? Bet you have… Now you can use Rezi’s Stupid-Simple Resume Rubric to gauge just that! There are 7 categories which you can use to grade your resume on a 5 point scale. Use the total point breakdown at the end to see how your resume ranks! Make sure to post your score in the comment section. Let’s get started:

Contact Information

5 Pts: Contact information is professional and easy to read. Includes full name, address, email and phone number. Name is larger and bolded to draw attention to it.

4 Pts: Includes all of the pertinent information but formatting needs improvement.

3 Pts: Contact information is hard to find. Includes most if not all pertinent contact information. Email is personal instead of professional.

2 Pts: Missing at least one piece of vital contact information.

1 Pt: Heading is missing more than one piece of contact information. Formatting is distracting and the email address is decidedly inappropriate.

Category Score __________ Multiply * 1 __________


5 Pts: Fills page, not crowded. Consistent in font style and layout. Information is clear, nicely laid out with a good choice of font and type size. Structure has clear purpose.

4 Pts: Consistent in style but has some uneven white space or does not fill page. Important information may not stand out clearly to reader.

3 Pts: Unnecessarily run onto second page. Appearance may lack appropriate use of bold/italics, fonts, bullet points or margins.

2 Pts: Format is not appealing. Information is not laid out in a clear format. Resume has graphics, icons, or colors.

1 Pt: Does not draw attention and has lack of structure.

Category Score __________ Multiply * 3 __________

Category Selection

5 Pts: Choice of subject headers is excellent. Most important items are listed on the top half. Categories selected include enough information within each to substantiate the need for the heading.

4 Pts: Category selection is well defined and order of information on page is good.

3 Pts: Categories may need to be structured differently to be more effective.

2 Pts: Lacking appropriate categories or category selection is unclear.

1 Pt: Resume does not include subject headers.

Category Score __________ Multiply * 3 __________


5 Pts: Appropriate experience listed with organization name, title, dates and location (City & State only). Sentence fragments are concise, direct and accomplishment oriented; strong verbs and appropriate verb tense is used. Results are quantified and/or qualified. Listed in appropriate order.

4 Pts: Appropriate experience listed. Sentence fragments are used but descriptions may not be result oriented or verbs may be weak.

3 Pts: Too much or too little experience is included. Verbs may be weak and verb tense may be incorrect. Descriptions are not in easy-to-read bullet format. Important information may be missing.

2 Pts: Descriptions are not detailed and offer no illustration of what was done or accomplished. Generic job duties may be listed but unrelated to the type of work you are currently seeking.

1 Pt: Little or no type of experience (work, volunteer, leadership or other) is listed.

Category Score __________ Multiply * 4 __________


5 Pts: Degree is listed first (bolded and/or easy to read) with graduation month and year, then list the name of the school and location (city & state) of school. If GPA is listed, it is over 3.0. Honors and scholarships are included here or in their own section if more appropriate. Important information is highlighted

4 Pts: Degree is listed with necessary information but section could be expanded. Most important information does not stand out.

3 Pts: Additional information may need to be included to increase length of résumé or too much information may be included.

2 Pts: Section lacks information and format.

1 Pt: Section is not included or crucial information is missing

Category Score __________ Multiply * 3 __________

Typos/Spelling Errors

5 Pts: No errors Capitalization, spelling, grammar.

4 Pts: A few errors present, but shows consistent pattern. Information may be abbreviated when it should be spelled out.

3 Pts: Shows a persistent pattern of errors or contains a number of varied mechanical errors.

2 Pts: Mechanical errors are so widespread that they are distracting.

1 Pt: Difficult to read because of mechanical errors.

Category Score __________ Multiply * 2 __________

Additional Sections: Ex Skills/Activities

5 Pts: Included additional section with relevant, well organized, and easy to understand information. If appropriate, leadership roles and related activities are indicated.

4 Pts: Included additional section with relevant information and minimal flaws; skills or activities may not be properly defined.

3 Pts: Additional section is missing key information.

2 Pts: Included additional section, but information is weak or irrelevant.

1 Pt: Additional sections are missing.

Category Score __________ Multiply * 4 __________

(100 points possible) Total _________ 

Total Point Breakdown

100 – 90: The job is yours! Fantastic Resume that follows all recommended resume mechanics.

89 – 80: Almost there! Missing a crucial elements. Spend a little more time reading this guide.

79 – 70: Start over with a Rezi Optimized Resume Template…vital resume components are missing.

69 – 0: Check out the Rezi Complete Writing Package

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