The Rezi Resume Checklist

This checklist lists all of the essential information that you should include in your resume

1| Your Contact Information

o Name: Make it the largest font on your resume (18-22pt). Your contact information can be a smaller (10-12 pt).

o Address: Include your permanent address or school address.

o Phone number: Make sure your voice mail sounds professional.

o Email address: Avoid using inappropriate email usernames.

o Include the URL of your website if you have one and only if the content is appropriate for employer viewing.

o Remove any automatic hyperlinks on your email address and URL.

2| Your Experience and Other Sections

o List your experience beginning with the most recent position.

o Include full-time and part-time jobs, paid or unpaid internships.

o Use bold print to highlight your job title and company.

o Include city and state for employer location, not the complete address.

o When listing dates, you should just include the month and year.

o List job descriptions/duties using bullet points instead of writing them in paragraph form.

o Eliminate personal pronouns (I, me, we) and articles (a, an, the).

o Include numbers to quantify your experience where possible.

o Focus on your accomplishments or results to show how you were valuable to employers instead of responsibilities.

As you proceed through this list be sure each statement is true or that you have a good reason for ignoring it.

3| Your Skills Section

o Include technical skills and name the software programs in which you are proficient.

o Include language skills if applicable. Non-native English speakers should not include English, it is assumed.

o Include keywords found in the job description to increase the chance of being selected by the ATS.

4| General Resume Guidelines

o Include only the items that will help you get the job you want. Target your resume to a specific position or industry.

o Your resume should be one or two full pages in length, but preferably one full page.

o Your resume format must be consistent throughout your document.

o The body text font size should be between 10pt and 12pt.

o It is not necessary to include a list of professional references, objective, or summary statement.

o Run a spell check AND proofread carefully. Have at least two additional people review your resume.


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