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What is Business Development? How do we measure success in the role? We believe that business development, at its core, is the creation of value for an organization.

A person who is interested in business development may be concerned with bridging the analysis of future growth opportunities and senior management (those who will either deny or drive the initiative).

All the while this is happening, the business developer usually collaborates with the organization’s specialist functions such as research and development, production, marketing, and sales to make the organization is able to successfully accomplish growth initiatives.

About Content

In a non-exhaustive summary of the Business Developer, we see tasks that relate to:

  • Identification and analysis of potential growth opportunities
  • Sharing information and supporting senior management
  • Collaborating with interdepartmental teams

These high-level responsibilities give us a direction as we think about the business development resume’s content framework. If we are able to identify impressive business development tasks and quantify the accomplishments in an attractive way then we can sure that we’ve done a great job writing a business development resume.

Business Development Example Resume made with Rezi ATS Optimized Resume Templates

The example resume above was made with Rezi OMEGA Resume Template

About Formatting

Formatting a resume is at best tedious and at worst down-right impossible. That’s why we developed Rezi Instant, our free resume generator which consistently formats resume content in a way that is optimized to pass Applicant Tracking Systems.

Let’s see how quickly we can make the resume above using Rezi Instant

Here is the final resume generated in the video above

Business Development Resume made with Rezi Instant



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