Just For Fun: University of Wisconsin’s Bucky Badger’s Resume

We all know Bucky is the baddest Mascot in the Big 10. From the year 1940, Bucky, the “W” adorned badger, has grown into an iconic mascot with a voracious appetite for leading stadium-shaking chants and fortuitous campus appearances. But did you know Bucky is one of the few college mascots in the Mascot Hall of Fame? Or that, “Bucky” is just a nickname – and the full name is actually Buckingham U. Badger?

So how do we think Bucky got into the Mascot Hall of Fame, think he submitted a resume? Of course not! But… if he did… what would it look like?

Univeristy of Wisconsin – Madison’s Bucky Badger’s Resume

WEW! Good work Bucky!

WEW! Good work Bucky!

When you think of Bucky Badger the first thing that comes to mind is Camp Randall and football games. Yet, just like you, an undergraduate student, there’s always more than what meets the eye.

We though making a resume for good old Bucky would be an awesome way to inform students on how to make an awesome resume, so we created his first Rezi resume that shows Bucky is more than just a icon, but also a hall-of-fame inducted, trendsetting film-star, with a knack for being at activities around campus.

First, Brainstorm Your Involvement

You’ll need to think of what you’ve been up to as a student, well just the things you would want an employer to know. For starters, organize your experience into the following categories:

Professional Experience – Did you have any cool internships? This is the place to list the positions where you were paid to do something. 

Projects – Did you work on any cool projects? It is okay if they are self-directed, it is also okay if they are part of a class! Just make sure to clearly describe your accomplishment!

Education – Major? Graduation date? Honors? Awards? School name?

Coursework – This is a cool way to show employers that your classes are teaching you value skills which can be applied in the workplace. Read this guide to find out how to do a really good job at using university coursework as a value adding substitute to professional experience 

Campus Involvement – Whether it is volunteering, clubs, organizations, don’t forget to add it as it shows employers that you’re a pretty awesome person!

Next, Translate the Information for the Resume

It is difficult to explain accomplishments and equally as difficult to recognize your own accomplishments. Keep this in mind: each bullet point should be complete.  You can rely on answering what, why, and how, to create a well-thought out bullet point. Let’s take an example which explains how to demonstrate email experience in a marketing role.

This is an example of a lazy descriptor:

•  Sent out weekly emails to lead lists

In this point, which was pulled from a real resume, we learn that the applicant used email marketing. Awesome. However, that’s literally all we can gather from the bullet point.

This is a much better descriptor:

•  Managed Google Analytics data tracking campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of email remarketing initiatives that were deployed using Salesforce’s marketing cloud software. Used Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL/SQL) to search data for customer-specific information

Back to Bucky! Did you know all of these facts about him?

The as-yet unnamed Wisconsin mascot appeared as a human-like cartoon figure in University of Wisconsin publications in the 1930s.

The most familiar portrayal of Bucky Badger, wearing a “W” sweater and strutting forward with a fierce expression, was drawn by California-based commercial artist Art Evans in 1940, and first sold from Brown’s Book Store in Madison.

An actual badger from Eau Claire was used at the first few football games that year, but proved to be too fierce to be controlled properly and was retired to the nearby Henry Vilas Zoo.

In 2006, Bucky was inducted as a charter member of the Mascot Hall of Fame’s College Division, joining YoUDee from Delaware, Sparty from the Michigan State University, and Aubie from Auburn.

Academic departments and groups at UW-Madison have a rich history of modifying Bucky. Recent university guidelines, however, have banned the modification of Bucky Badger,

  • Blind Bucky is sometimes used to represent the University of Wisconsin Law School as a variation of the allegorical figure of blindfolded Lady Justice
  • Bucky with a stethoscope is occasionally used by the Medical Alumni Association
  • Similarly, a design of Bucky wearing a Roman-style toga is used by the university’s Classics Society
  • The Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences department uses a design with Bucky holding a lightning bolt.
  • Bucky has also been known to don a laboratory coat and carry an Erlenmeyer flask in support of University of Wisconsin-Madison laboratory sciences.

In 2009, Bucky Badger made it to the silver screen in the documentary, Being Bucky. The film, which was created by Chicago ad-men John Fromstein and Scott Smith, both Wisconsin natives, follows the 2007–2008 Buckys: Chris, Blake, Dave, Sky, Ryan, Craig and Jeff. It was released on April 4 at the Wisconsin Film Festival.

Bucky Badger is featured prominently in a parody of the song Teach Me How to Dougie, appropriately titled “Teach me how to Bucky.”, The music video, presented by Zooniversity Music, debuted during the 2010 UW Homecoming Game at Camp Randall vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers

Think Bucky’s resume looks good? It was made with Rezi Instant – a faster way to make a better resume.

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