Here comes Rezi Instant.

Rezi is excited to announce the launch of our new ATS optimized resume generator,  Rezi Instant, which will greatly improve the ease-of-use of using Rezi products!

Rezi Instant drastically transforms how students interact with their resume. Now Rezi Instant effortlessly guides users through an intuitive interface, then presents the information in a battle-tested Rezi ATS optimized resume format.

A preview of Rezi Instant can be seen in the video below:

Rezi Instant is available at


Over the past year, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from users regarding how long it takes to use the Rezi ATS Optimized Resume Templates. When a user first uses our templates, they are forced to work in Microsoft Word where they simply replaced the filler elements. The average time spent on just adjusting formatting was close to three hours. Not an impressive benchmark.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 8.04.38 PM

Fig. 2 – Using a Rezi Template in word

Typical questions included:

  • Is there a faster way?
  • Can I move sections around? I need more customization.
  • What document type do I save it in?

We’ve aimed to solve these problems and more with Rezi Instant

  • Reduce the time spent on a resume. Current benchmark is 23 minutes to create a resume
  • Automatically incorporate ATS Optimization mechanics into the final resume.
  • Offer a cost-free solution to building a superior resume.
  • Provide a dynamic interface which allows for instantaneous adjustments.
  • Provide a better user experience for our mobile users.
  • Give ourselves the flexibility to add new features and user types (such as alumni, students, universities, etc.) in the future.

We’re excited to launch Rezi Instant – read on to learn more.

Core Concepts

Rezi Instant’s process is driven by an AngularJS backend. We first prompt users for academic, professional, volunteer, and achievement-based information so that Rezi Instant can handle all formatting mechanics and determine best options available.

One key concept to understand Rezi Instant‘s is the strict emphasis on generating a resume with increased Applicant Tracking System performance. Rezi Instant does this two ways:

  • Incorporating optimized formatting mechanics without user burden.
  • Ensuring users know exactly which keywords to include for a given job description.

Jobscan Integration

Many job seeker’s love the ease-of-use and results that Jobscan provides, and we fully support this integration in our case. We present Jobscan’s embedded service as the primary option to the user once we’ve determined that they would have the need to optimize the resume content. This allows students, recent graduates, young professionals, and most job seekers to conveniently use the same process as they may have used on Jobscan to optimized their resume directly on Rezi Instant.

Jobscan has researched the top systems used by thousands of companies and built our algorithm based on the common patterns among them.

As the video shows, Jobscan is a simple and easiest way to optimize your resume content. The process is similar to the native Jobscan website application.

Going Forward

In the future, we plan to further streamline the resume generation workflows for various job seeker scenarios. In particular, we plan to integrate a login process for our users and allow a way to store multiple versions a Rezi Instant generated resume. Stay tuned for future updates in relation to these changes.

Additional Resources

If you’re interested in learning even more about Rezi Instant as always, you can also reach out to our team via email at for additional assistance.


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