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Don’t name your resume “Resume”

Don’t name your resume “Resume” (and other resume tips) I just had to review 100+ resumes, and I noticed a few mistakes that many people seem to make. 1. Don’t name the file “Resume” or any variation of that. After going through 100 resumes, I had a short list of 20 candidates that I needed […]

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An Updated History of Rezi

We want to share a story where cool things are happening; we’re meeting challenges beyond anything faced before. We want to share the complete story, what we did right and what we did wrong. This isn’t a story about successes but it’s not a failure story either. More than anything it’s a story about the journey. The […]

Essential Resume Information

The Stupid-Simple Resume Rubric

Ever wonder how well you’ve written your resume? Bet you have… Now you can use Rezi’s Stupid-Simple Resume Rubric to gauge just that! There are 7 categories which you can use to grade your resume on a 5 point scale. Use the total point breakdown at the end to see how your resume ranks! Make sure to […]

Applicant Tracking Systems

7 Myths about Applicant Tracking Systems

Despite their advantages, Applicant Tracking Systems screen out many well-qualified candidates. Most candidates submit resumes that are not optimized for ATS, with incorrect headings, formatting, characters, and wording. If a resume is not formatted correctly, solid skills and achievements in the resume may be ignored. In addition, a resume that is good for one ATS […]

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