7 Myths about Applicant Tracking Systems

Despite their advantages, Applicant Tracking Systems screen out many well-qualified candidates. Most candidates submit resumes that are not optimized for ATS, with incorrect headings, formatting, characters, and wording. If a resume is not formatted correctly, solid skills and achievements in the resume may be ignored. In addition, a resume that is good for one ATS may not be good for another.

7 myths about ATS

Myth 1: An applicant who networks can avoid ATS.

Reality: In 2012, 60% to 70% of all companies, big and small, used ATS according to Preptel. Today that number is closer to 90%. ATS use is increasing. Recruiters scan paper resumes and place emailed resumes into ATS.

Myth 2: A candidate who uses ATS can avoid networking.

Reality: Hiring managers like to hire people they know or are recommended. A survey byHR Daily Advisor (2012) revealed that referrals are still the #1 recruiting source. Networking allows the hiring manager to select the candidate once the resume passes the ATS. In addition, if a hiring manager wants a particular candidate for a job, the hiring manager can change the job requirements and/or keywords to match the candidate’s background.

Myth 3: ATS can read all files, formats, and characters.

Reality: Some ATS can read only text or Word 2003 files. Many ATS cannot read tables or graphics. Some ATS cannot scan italic or underlined words. Many ATS cannot read special characters (such as accent marks, curly quotes, and ampersands) and will replace them with meaningless characters.

Myth 4: ATS can figure out where to organize all the data on the resume and can use all the information.

Reality: Many ATS need guidance, using headings, to determine where to put data. So good information gets misfiled and ignored. Many ATS use only information that matches their formatting rules.

Myth 5: Passing the ATS alone will get you the job.

Reality: A human being will read the resume before selecting a candidate. Unless already known by the hiring manager, a candidate will need to be interviewed – probably several times – to get the job.

Myth 6: Companies are using ATS because they do not care about people.

Reality: Companies are overwhelmed, and the ATS is both effective and efficient in weeding out inappropriate candidates. In addition, if the ATS wrongly eliminates several good candidates for the job, companies are not worried as long as one good candidate remains.

Myth 7: ATS are unfair.

Reality: ATS deal the same way with all applicants. But with Rezi to help you, you have a better chance to stand out!

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